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Social Interaction

I have been looking at how bees are used to produce social awareness through Facebook Instagram etc. I have been looking at social interaction can not only spread awareness of bee conservation but how I can use this to bring interest into my own work. I have been looking for posts that have lots of views and likes and linking my work and exhibition information to them. I have been using this free source of advertising as a way to keep the cost of my own advertising down, by using a frame work like this that already has an established following I am directly interacting with potential clients and people who will have an invested interest in my work. Through doing this I have had some interesting social interactions that have the possibility to lead to further exhibition work.

I was contacted by the company LUSH to see if they could display a leaflet to my exhibition which I has left in my local store, they not only shared it on there local page but across there worldwide Facebook and twitter accounts. I am also hoping to work with them in the summer of this year with my new project I am working on along side my MA which is based on the excessive use of plastic in our world.

From this interaction I have now gained over 330 likes and 100 shares. I have also spoken to various people that are not only interested in the project but they are potential clients of the future. I have also been sharing my work over all my social platforms to gain interest which has been only increasing in popularity. My hash tag has been shared and used over 600 times and my website interaction has grown by 360% in the last 5 weeks. I will still be maintaining this level of social interaction throughout the module I will also be using it to gain feedback through my exhibition.

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