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Vivienne Westwood- Ecotricity

Whilst looking at alternative applications for my work I came across this Vivienne westwood campaign. She has created crowns to highlight the power unbalance within not only fashion but environmental and political powers. The crowns that encapsulate the notion of green energy and Vivienne Westwood's campaign to switch energy suppliers to Ecotricity. By experimenting with form, materials and technique, she has fashioned these rather striking symbols of power and authority out of waste products to represent the current reliance on fossil fuels.

When looking at this idea within my own work the idea of the crown is transferable. The queen of the hive could be represented in a crown form created from recycled hives, bee samples and flowers. The idea of having a piece of sculpture along side my images is something I should look at further. I am very interested in the idea of my work being used to create something else, but the work would still need to show the power of each indervidual image and not be lost within each other.

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