The Hive

The Hive is an immersive sound and visual experience. The lights you see and the sounds you hear inside The Hive are triggered by bee activity in a real beehive at Kew.

The intensity of the sounds and light change constantly, echoing that of the real beehive. The multi award-winning Hive was inspired by scientific research into the health of honeybees. It is a visual symbol of the pollinators’ role in feeding the planet and the challenges facing bees today. I am intrigued by the multi sensory experience that comes from this exhibition. I should explore sound and visual effects in my own work. Below is a link in which you can watch the full effect of this exhibition. This exhibition is similar to mine in which, when the images/ sculptures is shown digitally it doesn't show the amount of technique and creative flare as drastically but it is still a good representation of the work.

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