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What is so positive ?

I have come across a local company called Positive environmental. This is a company that uses various poisons and toxins to exterminate "PESTS". I would love to incorporate their building in my display, perhaps staging a pop up exhibition in the car park as i have checked and it is public not privately owned land. The contrast between my images that draw into light the pesticides used on the bee population again their positive message of extermination, would not only bring into to question their misdirected message that killing animals for no reason is acceptable but would also question things like; how many bees have they killed, did they think of the long term consequences of their actions.

Here we can see the building is a very large storage hanger which would also lend itself to image projection, which is another thing I am looking at. By projecting the images on to the building I am creating no physical imprint of myself on their property ( for legal reasons) but I am incorporating their building in the dipole of my work, theatrically bringing the victim to its killer.

I would draw inspiration from projects like Urban Projections which is the work and collaborations of Multimedia Experimentalist, Rebecca Smith. in which she uses pieces of string and cardboard combined with audio-visual applications and hardware to deliver stunning mixed media experiences which she projectes onto buildings and other 3D structure.

You can view her work here;

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