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Week 6

This week I have been focusing my time around gallery information, I have been collating a wide range of galleries and alternative spaces I could approach with my with my work. I have looked at how each gallery can change the projects meaning and how the subjective nature of my project allows for the environment to make the project different wherever it is placed. I also have looked at how far the project can be stretched before it loses authenticity of brief and changes too far from my original idea to stay relative to my overall intention of bringing the destruction of bee and its environment into fruition.

The Hive Worcester;

Pros- I have found the positive aspects of this gallery space plentiful. The spaces name brings context and an almost theatrical aspect to my work. Displaying the work in a “Hive” would help the foundation of the projects unique making process (bees eating the images) more accessible to the audience as I could have interactive images which I would ask the members of the public to interact with. Through mark making, tearing folding etc. I would allow the public to be the bee and show them how easily their own hands can manipulate the bee’s work/ environment.

Cons- One negative point I have thought of when having my images displayed within this gallery space is the constraints of what I can physically achieve. I have always seen the images displayed alongside sound and with live flowers and grass decorating the space, but as the space is more an open planned one than a confined room in which I can really allow my creative process to develop I think I would find it hard to take the works interactivity to its full capacity.

Meaning of the project in this space. The foreseen outcome that the public would take from the project in this environment would be. The works interactivity would show how easily our actions can have a strong impact on the bees environment and production. It would also show by the images being inside that once again we are restricting the bees natural behaviour by dictating where and when they can make hives and finally I feel the images would be seen more as art pieces than scientific documentation due to the outstanding art history connected with the space.

Does the space add or subtract context from my brief- I feel that the hive would add context to my brief through its buildings name and the style of the building being based on a hive. I would be happy displaying my work here, but still with an eventual outside exhibition in the future.

The available space.

Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum;

Pros- The positive areas of this gallery are obviously its widely-known presence but also the ability to work within a room, that in theory I could turn into my wildflower utopia. Another very interesting pro to this gallery is its visit England rosette, this would mean free publicity but also recognition and a sense of excellence around the project.

Cons- Whilst looking further into the gallery I have looked through its past exhibition archive. The gallery rarely displays any fine art or modern art, this is due to its buildings heritage and them gallery liking to display works that are relative to this. I think with my project being both fine art and modern I would struggle to pull a traffic audience through its doors. Also I feel the work would seem very out of place within its structure.

Meaning of the project in this space. I think my projects meaning in this space would be far more focused on the scientific and informative aspect of the work, I don’t feel the projects subjectivity would work here due to the galleries request for a 5000-word description of intent. Also having the work in a very “typical” gallery space wouldn’t draw the everyday public to my work. More so the art enthusiasts which is good but takes the projects from being a diverse and accessible one to a more elitist and segregates itself from large audiences.

Does the space add or subtract context from my brief- overall I think this space would take a lot if not all subjective meaning within the pieces. Also, the separation of the enthusiast and public is something I don’t want to happen. I have worked very hard on having refined imagery that can speak to both, so I wouldn’t want it to be seen or enjoyed by either group individually.

The available space.

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