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I have just signed up to this tracking website that shows when farmers will stay crops and what with. This could be very useful especially in the direction on the outside gallery. I could time a moving exhibition that would coincide with the spraying, hopefully having my images in the field as they are sprayed.

My welcome email-

Welcome to BeeConnected – bringing farmers and beekeepers together, and keeping beekeepers notified when a neighbouring farmer is applying insecticides to their crops.

If you’re a farmer or spray contractor, simply register below as a farmer, enter the details of when and where you're planning to spray an insecticide that may present a risk to bees (for instance on a flowering crop, or where the field has a conservation buffer strip), and a simple notification will be sent to neighbouring beekeepers registered with the system.

If you're a beekeeper, simply register below as a beekeeper, enter the position of your hives on our easy - to - use mapping system, and you will receive notifications from registered farmers when they are planning to spray their crops at a proximity of your choosing up to 5km away.

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