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Waiting for the Sun

Craig eyles explains his artwork as "focussed on the Grey-banded Mining Bee, Andrena denticulate, which lives in grasslands and open sandy areas and has a preference for yellow flowers of the plant family Asteraceae. Looking at the different flowers the bee pollinates I chose to study the closed form and take these as inspiration. The decoration of the pieces has been inspired by colours and textures of the plants and habitat of the bee." Medium: Ceramic

I have looked at this artist due to his use of colour and shape being informed by theory relative to bees physical attributes and movements. The pieces are created methodically using clay but are decorated in a way which constrains the artistic liscence in the product making which is something I am very interested in creating in my own work, allowing my images to be shaped and created by my own hand but be informed and designed by the constraints of bee theory.

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