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The Beekeeper by Donna

This is Donna and her response to the Carrot Mining Bee. This is what she says about her piece called the 'The Beekeeper’: "A scarce insect, the Carrot Mining Bee is only found between Bristol and the River Thames. The bees’ main food source is the wild carrot, aka Birds Nest Weed, Bees Nest or Queen Anne’s lace. In some plants, the petals have a red mark, which both lures the bees and distinguishes it from the similar looking poisonous hemlock. Traditional herbal remedies used the red centred flower as a guide; the seeds were used for matters concerning the menstrual cycle and contraception. Hippocrates recommended it as a natural tea which could be a “Morning After” contraceptive. This clay piece is unfired – it will deteriorate during the exhibition and return to its natural state. This process will be recorded." Media: Unfired air-dried clay, Resin.

Once again I was drawn to this image through theoretical interest rather than visual. I am intrigued by the idea of allowing the clay to stay malleable and allowing the elements/ interactions to change the eventual outcome of the piece. I am also drawn to her chosen use of flower and how at the time of visual interaction the flower has very little stimulus towards her brief but when seen in conjunction with her writing becomes a very important conjunction between product and theory and gives her work layers of interest and stimulus that would not be accessible without written content. The fact that the artist has used written content to contextualise her work shows that she didn't have confidence in the subjectivity of her piece which in turn almost devalues the piece of art itself as on its own it is not able to be enjoyed emotionally but with the added theory doesn't live up to expectation.

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