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Shaun Furzey

Shaun Furzey's work is a piece called: 'Ingredients for Creating a Wildlife Garden' and this is what he says: "Lots of different components for creating a wildlife patch in your own garden – for bees or hedgehogs or whatever you fancy. Donations for each piece go towards the valuable work that ACEarts are doing in the community." Media: wood, bamboos, grass heads etc

I was not drawn to this piece visually but more so theoretically. The idea of a community or a like minded body of people creating and shaping pathways in my project is something that I am wanting to explore further. I am not sure at this point if it will be physical or non physical manipulation. Will I find solace in the idea of the subjective thought being enough to weave and change the project? or as I progress will I strive towards a more physical manipulation of my image?

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