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Nina Gronw-Lewis

This piece by Nina Gronw Lewis called 'Promises and problems' is described by the artist below: "In my work I attempt to break down the distinctions between art in craft and craft in art. Choosing low tech domestic raw materials and using labour intensive processes I feel a connection to my female ancestors. In this work I utilise the tactile quality of wool and display the accompanying gendered associations of fibre. The form of the work is easily recognisable, a ball of wool, the ball representing a seed or pollen grain. The female Pantaloon bee has hairy legs with which to clear its burrow of sand grains. I have attempted to represent this mundane work in the 150 meters of hand knitting." Medium: Hand knitted wool

I was particularly drawn to this piece of work while exploring the multifaceted dimensions of paper and its ability to be malleable and formed into structures. Within the paper itself I was particularly drawn to its fibrous quality and how this could represent the hairs upon a bee's body.

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