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Maria Lalic's The giddy Dance

Maria says about her piece, 'The Giddy Dance'

"I live near Kenfig Burrows, a warren of sand dunes on the South Wales coast and known habitat of the Early Colletes Bee. Local legend tells that the ancient and rich town of Kenfig was buried by a sandstorm in medieval times when a wizard cursed the inhabitants after they refused to offer him food and shelter. I composed and printed on fabric an ‘englyn’ (a form of Welsh poetry) about the Early Colletes and then set about burying the words under layers of fabric, hand-made paper & embroidery stitches. We would do well to learn the lesson of Kenfig."

The title of this textiles piece is what initially caught my interest. At this point of the project I am heavily influenced by theoretical reading and have made changes in exhibition layouts due to the secretive dances that bees do when interacting with one another. The artist refers to burying information between layers of fabric similarly to my images burying meaning between layers. I am drawn to the use of subtle due colour and think this is something I should explore once again within my own images.

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