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How can multi medias interact

The following poem by David J Costello and turned into a piece of very beautiful visual art by Janine Pinion work so well together by allowing the subjects to reach multiple audiences those who interactive with visual or written/ spoken word. I am very interested in. allowing my work to gain this level of interaction from other artists. I need to explore how other artists can improve on my concept but still maintaining project authenticity. I should look at moving image and written/spoken word. As I feel this will allow me to share more information about the project but also maintain audience stimulus when viewing the exhibition.

when asked about the work the had this to say;

this is what they say about their collaborative piece, 'A Very Dark Bee’ "My bee is a 'cuckoo-bee'. It lays its eggs in the nest of a host bee. The host then nurtures its offspring as its own. Extremely rare, it has only been reliably recorded near the towns of Shrewsbury and Wrexham. The Orange Vented Mason Bee, mentioned in the poem, is the host species. I originally imagined my bee was a colourful creature with distinct bands. In fact it’s universally dark and frequently mistaken for a fly. No doubt its inconspicuousness is of great assistance when going about its rather distasteful business!" David J Costello

"The poem refers to a book of bees, which I imagined as much loved and dog-eared, so I styled the typeface to suggest old texts. The paper, some of which I made from lavender and red onion skins, is torn and layered to echo the bee’s method of burrowing and nesting." Janine Pinion Media: poem, handmade paper, watercolour

I need to explore David J Costello further, due to the way his poem is displayed at exhibitions. I was very surprised to see such simmularties between the display aspects of our work.

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