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Hannah Lobley

Hannah Lobley explains her work as; "Inspired by the scissor bee’s nesting, habitat of pre-existing holes in deadwood situated near buttercup meadows; Bee is for Books is a recreation of this environment. An eco-friendly nesting site was created using the Paperwork technique, a unique recycling technique employingwaste paper. For this project, unwanted books and gardening magazines were used. The pages were layered back into a solid wood like material; traditional wood working methods were then used to create a tree trunk and buttercups from that material. The surface patternation of the paper when the objects are worked echoes wood grain. Wood becomes paper becomes wood." Media: recycled books and gardening magazines.

I like the idea of the art having its own ecosystem. My pieces of work through interaction with bees, become a part of the hive, and through paper making the hive becomes a piece of the art. Is there a way to explore this process? I need to explore the limitations of bio recycling and be careful that this doesn't stray too far from my original idea.

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