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David J Costello further research

The above images are created my the poet David J Costello. His poem was then printed and turned into his stunning visual art piece by Janine Pinion, David J Costello poem refers to a "book of bees", in which Janine Pinion says she "I Imagined a much loved and dog-eared, so I styled the typeface to suggest old texts. The paper, some of which I made from lavender and red onion skins, is torn and layered to echo the bee’s method of burrowing and nesting."Janine Pinion.

This is very similar way to developing my own images as my images are all printed on handmade papers the incorporate elements of flowers and hives, this way of showing the very tactile qualities of the paper and how the imperfections within the image actually create a more refined and contextually stimulating piece of art. Whilst looking at Janine Pinions work I have taken some detailed shots of my images and I have been intrigued by my change of mind around the idea of colour when the images as show in there full beauty. I need to translate the three dimensional qualities of my work through a scanned imaged that can be shared with the university.

The images below are detailed shots of my work.

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