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Dandelion clock by Lydia needle

Dandelion clock

"The Potter Flower Bee is one of Britain’s most declined bees. That statement alone made me feel powerless – to help in some way, to bring change, to do anything really. This bee is not even found in my county of Somerset, just a few sites in Dorset, north Hampshire, Isle of Wight, and East Sussex so what can I do? If you live in those counties, you could keep a patch of Ground Ivy, Common Bird’s-foot-trefoil, Kidney Vetch, clovers or Viper’s-bugloss. As for me, I’m going to just do my bit for the bees in my area and hope it helps."

I was drawn to this piece of art through its striking use of gold accents and how it mimics bee shape/ form when hit by light at certain angles. I was also drawn to the comment of feeling powerless and the artists use of a dandelion which once was a strong sturdy flower that could hold its own against human interaction but with subtle changes in conditions becomes a weak, feeble structure that can be easily destroyed by human interaction. This shows a visual representation of how a small in a bees habitat can have a big change on the bee's life.

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