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Buff-tailed Bumblebee by Mark Wright

Mark Wright. This is what he says: "I am fascinated with the unobserved life of insects. In this piece I want the viewer to look closely at the anatomy of the bee and to see parts they might not normally notice like the three simple eyes (ocelli) on top the head. My experience of working in both traditional animation and in the video games industry has helped me to develop my bold and dynamic style which has proved rewarding for representing the majestic world of insects. Our relationship with insects is all too often fleeting, fractious and fearful; how many people know that bees are essential to human survival on this planet?" Media: Pencil, Ink pen and digital painting

I was drawn to this artist because of the detail within his penmanship, creating simple and dynamic imagery through a very small amount of visual information. The bee and the flower interact with the white background in a way which not only lifts the structure of the bee and the flower themselves but also elevates the importance of the subject matter. In my images I would like for the white background to be seen as a contrast of visual interest which initially draws you In through the impact of the image but the simplicity of the overall piece is highlighted by the use of the clean white background.

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