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How do bees share out all the jobs in the hive?

I have started to look at the duties of the bee and what they do at certain parts of their lives. I have done this because I am exploring titles for this stage of my project. I want the title to have not only creative but contextual reference. I want the title to engage and inform at the same time. I have discovered that when a bee is born, its first job is to clean out the cell in which she was born and the jobs are then allocated on the basis of age. The main duties of Worker Bees are; 1-2 days - Cleans cells and keeps the brood warm 3-5 days - Feeds older larvae 6-11 days - Feeds youngest larvae 12-17 days - Produces wax, builds comb, carries food, undertaker duties 18-21 days - Guards the hive entrance 22+ days - Flying from hive begins, pollinates plants, collects pollen, nectar and water.

I have taken special interest in the early stages of production of the hive. For the first 22 days the main duties are towards construction and preparing the hive for the new young. This could be the best time for the bees to interact with my work, I need to explore this time period with inserting my images into a virgin hive the collate the results to see which gives the best visual interaction.

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