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I have been interested in working along side my local gallery called the Hive. I have always been very intrigued by this building mainly due to its values and impact on society in my local city of Worcester. I am engulfed by its ambitious idea of creating a "joint library", the first of its kind, that is rooted in the following core values; Inspiration Connection Aspiration Learning Integration Inclusivity Enduring Values Well-being Sustainability Visibility. These words when used in context with my own work and projects seamlessly form a coherent and decisive language that could strengthen context, reasoning and production of work for this space. In the following weeks I am wanting to explore the rich and diverse culture that surrounds this building and find ways to incorporate its unique nature and my unique look on environmental issues and collaborate on inspiring informing projects that would mutually benefit each of us.

I will need to contact the following people/email addresses;

Kathy Kirk Worcestershire County Council’s Strategic Libraries and Learning Manager ( A direct contact I have been given from a contact within the local universities ecological society)

For general

For booking enquiries:

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