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The paper movie.

When exploring Ruscha' work I was intrigued by the idea of the "Paper story". Being able to tell a whole story in an image. I was inspired by Dejan Habicht and how he managed not only to show the connection with Rusha' work but he also got his image to tell a narrative in one image. The idea of using one image to portray a narrative is something I would like to explore in this micro project. I want to use my clean scientific approach to image making but still be able to show an important message in my images. I can link my approach to image making with Derek Stroup. In his image he has taken the image of a gas station and removed all visible text this not only allows you to explore the gas station more intensely but bring the question, "why is there no text ? .

Dejan Habicht Derek Stroup.

I will take the single image approach inspired by Habicht and the clean simple striped approach from Stroup.

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