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Whilst working on this project I have seen people very consumed with the idea of photographic placement and a final intent. But putting this pressure on your work to live up to the standards of a gallery or book from the start is something that just doesn't work for me. We talk very openly about exploring the idea of ambiguity within our images and the creative process, but very little of the ambiguity of placement of images. Our images are allowed to have more than one meaning, more than one purpose and don't need to be constrained to a box of end product. As photographers our job is to shoot images, it’s the viewers job to interpret them. Of course our images should have a formula to follow, a certain idea your images are portraying, but no matter how conforming your images are to your brief the subjective mind of the viewer will interpret them in their own way. My intent of my images is more about creating images that when viewed by myself show a clear reflection of brief. But with the understanding that I could be the only one interoperating those images in that way. A line, colour or form within the image could be the deciding difference between the viewers and the artist’s interoperation. But isn't that the beauty of art? That we can create personal, emotive connections with people. Even though we are viewing the same thing, we can have a very personal and private experience with the art. My images are intended to show an interoperation of bee depopulation, but if they bring different messages to different people, that’s not a failure. That’s a massive success, just like the images I create. We are all unique, we don't think the same. That’s why we do what we do, we enlighten peoples lives through lateral thinking. Which is something we should embrace post process and except that we are not in control. We are the initial makers but we're not the only makers, work will change with each maker its past to and I will be embracing this progressing forward.

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