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Exploration informed from photographer feedback

Whilst reading and exploring the feedback from the various photographers, I have two main goals to achieve with the forthcoming hand in. I need to make sure the images are striking visually. This is being achieved by the composition and contrast within my images, but of the levels within the images themselves. At first the images are grabbing the viewer to come closer to the pieces and then once in a optimal viewing range 2.5 foot, the images begin to open there secrets and allow the viewer to have not only a visual experience but an intellectual one also.

I also need to make the images maintain a level of context but also allowing them to be open to subjective interoperation. This project is about exploring the importance of saving bees. But its not a project to shock or guilt you into wanting to help, the project is more about you exploring. What does this mean to me ? and How to I feel when viewing these images. This is currently being achieved my looking at the psychology behind form, colour, impression and emotive language. Then directly letting this information influence the creative process of image making.

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