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Dr. Daro Montag

I was wondering if you could look over this image and give me some feedback.

Do you see the destruction of the bees body clearly ?

Does the backgrounds motion, show a dream like image ? or is there a way I could improve this ?

Do I have a coherent visual language within my practice ?

Does the flower/ bee hive hand made paper add or distract from the overall composition of my image ?

The flower paper is used to bring in colour in a subtle way. The colours are all informed by dream theory, colours that are vivid when viewing destruction or recalling a memory that was described to you. Not one you have actual lived. This is to reenforce the fact that if we don't makes changes, we could loose all bee species and flowers and only rely on others peoples memories of the objects, which would fade over time ( reason behind the background, laced with pesticide in my chemical mix)


Interesting work. It certainly does have a dream like quality. However from the image it would not immediately strike me – I suspect within a context of statement and other work the intention would be much clearer.

I had an MA student a couple of years ago who produced photographic prints using natural plant dyes – these faded over time. Here’s a link to her work.

I like the idea of lacing your images with pesticide – does this change the colour, or have any visual impact?

And I’m very interested in work that considers the plight of bee.

Exploring Daro' response to my images I concluded that I need at emphasis the dream like quality of my images. I have done this by creating more tonally defined pieces of work. Playing with the contrast of the images and highlighting the movement of the pesticide over the images. I was also inspired by the photographer he linked me to. She looked at the changing memory and how this can be displayed in a photographic context. I was inspired to follow the idea of the decaying image by lacing my images with pesticide post process. I am also looking at way to create a piece of work that could perhaps decay away over time.

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