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International Images for Science - Wed, 08 February Wed, 22 March 2017

The exhibition was 100 of the best photographic images of science. From professional researchers and photographers to dedicated amateurs and young scientists trying to capture science for the first time.

I was struck by the level of distraction around the gallery space, it was directly connected to a library and café, the images that were on the quiet of the exhibition were more of the professional makers and the images on the busy loud café side were the young photographers. This divide of age ( in which the young photographers were segregated) was not an apparent in the quality of the work, they were on par or even above the decelerated photographers taking prime space. The segregation of age and class was even more apparent when it came to walking around the space. The young ( less know photographers) work was easy to get to no checks or anything . As soon as you entered the other side of the gallery the whole feel changed. There were assistants making sure you didn’t interact physically with the work. They had their images lit the whole dynamic change from an informal gallery setting to the cold exclusive nature of a typical gallery space.

The bland setting of a white wall with an image on it is very overrated. Exploring the art should be a embodiment of the senses, the gallery space could have had an interactive noise ( the sounds of the images that were taken etc) what is this need for a gallery space to be a clean cut upper to middle class reflection of superciliousness ? a gallery should interact with everybody. The arts are there to enrich culture, cerebral development, the basic tools for interaction like the subjective nature of opinion. The galleries that I have visited recently this just isn’t there. The need for a image on a white wall is outdated and needs reformation, when you look at artists like the team of skull mapping, they are interacting with the viewers the holographic nature changed the flat photograph into a performance piece people of all backgrounds get excited for the new and unique. If its being done in all other forms of artist practice why is the image still hung on a white wall in a white room for the elite?

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