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The Artifact

an object made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest.

"gold and silver artefacts"

something observed in a scientific investigation or experiment that is not naturally present but occurs as a result of the preparative or investigative procedure.

"the curvature of the surface is an artefact of the wide-angle view"

Whilst looking at the definitions of "artifact", we can see that my work fits very well into the genre. My images are created by me for a cultural interest. Such as the interest of the declining bee population but also historical when viewing them in the context of a dream state. They can serve as a historical reference of what the bees flora and fauna looked like before they were wiped from the earth.

There is also a element of my images being a scientific investigation, due to me using the pesticide to shape and hold the final images background and texture of the image. I feel the idea of the scientific artifact is something I could explore further.

Idea- Look at Latin scientific reference books ( and may ray again). To get a sense of what an artifact is able to show, when shown in the medium of a photograp

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