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Engaging with Kimberly Butler

After the webinar with Kimberly, I sent her this email;

I am really intrigued by your still life work. I work in a rather similar way, in which I try to maintain authenticity within my work, without the need to photoshop. Here is a link to my work; I am working around the devastating effect that pesticides are having on the bee population. I am inspired by man ray, susan derges etc but also by thesis from the scientific fields and dream and memory theory from people like Zhuangzi and Robert Van de castle.

I had a rather lovely response from Kimberly Butler that has further concreted that I am on the correct track. She has totally got my images intent. She was struck by the images aesthetic and then saw the multi levels within my work.

Kimberley's response;

"That's incredibly beautiful!

I just went through your site. You have an amazing vision in still life. I love the abstracts where i am initially pulled in by the striking beauty of the image, and then layers start to reveal themselves the more i look. Really beautiful images!!!! i also loved your color street shots, very striking. I think the idea of the disappearing bees, usage of the pesticides ( get Monsanto in there, please!) is absolutely brilliant. Keep going!!!!!!!"

In our webinar with Kimberly she said "Its my job to shoot and your job to interpret" this resinated with me because I am trying to allow my work to be more free and more ambiguous and to see such a professional photographer working with the same sort of mind set, it has given me a

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