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Making connections world renowned photographer Paul Clements

When asking the same questions to Paul Clements:

Do you see the destruction of the bees body clearly ?

Does the backgrounds motion, show a dream like image ? or is there a way I could improve this ?

Do I have a coherent visual language within my practice ?

Does the flower/ bee hive hand made paper add or distract from the overall composition of my image ?

Pauls response;

Dear Jedd,

Thankyou for sending me your images.

Yes, I can see the destruction of the bees body more clearly in the second image rather than the first image containing the additional colour elements. I think the colour, or maybe too much colour(?) distracts from the image and the clarity of the bees destruction.

I think the background is perfect and you could end up over working l would leave it.

The visual language is coherent and the message you are conveying is clear.l love the dream like quality you have achieved and the process you have employed in the making of the paper! It's so fascinating!

With kindest regards, Paul...

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