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Mario Moreno

This picture may look like pencil or charcoal drawings, but they are photographs. Mario Moreno, a Spanish photographer based in South Africa, uses Photoshop to create "high-key" effect. Mario explains: "My approach to this project was to show wildlife in an artistic way. I thought to myself that there are plenty of photographers documenting them normally, so I processed them on computers to achieve an image that makes the animal the sole focus and not its surroundings."

His images has similar approach to me, we are both looking at the artistic post and pre production of images. We are working around wildlife issues. His images are stripped down representations of what he saw. Removing the colour and background you are drawn to focus on the animal only. It draws an importance and presence that would be distracted by colour or a background. You are simply invited to explore the animal, in a very clean and scientific way. My own images should explore this idea of drawing focus, I will be having a background but I need to create this in such a way that doesn't distract from the image as a whole. I could look at using focus to draw attention to certain parts of the image.

In result of this image;

I created this piece of work, buy drawing focus on the main elements the bee and flora. And over diluting the background so it doesn't form a heavy focused contrast.

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