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This week I am going to be looking at composition. I am looking at new ways to display my chosen subject matter. I have started the week by researching proportion and what that ( in a photographer sense) refers to. From my research I have concluded that proportion is the relative size of parts of a whole (elements within an object). This is an area I need to elaborate in my work. The elements within my project are very limited ( due to the photographic and subject choices I made at the start of the project), so I need to think of new ways to retain the authenticity of my project whilst letting the project naturally expand and progress. By looking at the proportion of each object and carefully selecting sizes of the bee, flora and fauna species. I am hoping the images will give me a chance to explore different composition and layout. Below is an image I have taken ( unedited) of a large lily stem. The image itself is very interesting to look and but I feel the over dominating presence of the flower not only distracts from the other elements ( bee and the background pattern created by the mix of pesticide with developer ), the image takes on a new direction in which you are drawn into the flower, which gives a sense of importance over the other aspects of the image. I need to make the size of the flower smaller to give equal importance to each element of my image ( use a single flower in the next image).

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