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Further flower paper experiment.

For this image I have researched how we find events and things hard to remember in dreams and memory thats why they are black and white and we have stripped the memory to its most simple form of interoperation. I have also explored what type of colours we remember in our dreams, the main colours were vivid colours like red,green,blue,pink and these colours are used when dreaming of matters of importance. I have look at a dream scientist (Robert Hoss)’s, research with colour and emotions suggests that vivid colors in dreams correspond to emotional intensity. Here’s an example of Hoss’s approach: "Color is as much a symbol as is the imagery in a dream. Color appears to represent the emotional conditions that stimulated a dream or dream image. As with any other symbol, color combines with the imagery to form a more complete “meaning” for the dream image.

Just as the face of your son might combine with the body of a bird to represent some personal meaning such as “my son has left the nest”, color will combine with a dream image to give it greater emotional significance. A red hat would be more expressive of passion, drive and vibrancy, for example, than a colorless hat."

With this theory in mind I created this image. Keeping to tonal greys in the main imagery. But the use of a vivid pink in the paper ( home made flower paper) to show importance of the subject you are viewing. I feel this small amount of colour lifts the image and gives it dimension, whilst retaining the authenticity of my work.

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