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Dream theory continued

The research I have read shows that the majority of our dreams are in colour. In the sleep lab, Robert Van de Castle, Ph.D. reports that when awoken from the REM state, distinct color was reported in 70% of the cases and vague color in another 13% [1]. The reason most people perceive dreams as colorless appears to be a matter of recall. Spontaneous non-laboratory dream reports (normal daily dream recall) indicate that only about 25% (Van De Castle) to 29% (Hall) of dreamers recall color (partial or full color). Colour recall may have to do with the nature of our consciousness in dreams, as observed by the vivid colors usually associated with Lucid dreams [2]. Another important aspect of color recall may be the emotional intensity of the dream or the colored imagery. People have a tendency to recall the most emotionally impacting or stimulating parts of a dream, and not so much the rest. Perhaps there is emotional significance to the specific dream colours we recall. This may explain why our brain assigns certain color to dream objects particularly when the color can be optional, for example dreaming of a red car versus a blue car.


Look at creating images in different stages of memory loss. for example a 5-10-15 year period ( continued) and change the intensity of the colours and image as time passes ?

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