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For the last week I have been thinking about different ways to print imagery. I have been looking for a new way to bring a more cognitive experience when viewing an image. My project is based very heavily around wanting and needing an interaction with the public, so I have looked at ways of bringing levels to a print, rather than having a flat one dimensional image.

I have looked at artists like,Mariah Robertson who works with traditional photographic processes, She makes darkroom prints in a time when very few people are making darkroom print and makes them more accessible to a modern market by creating ( for example) "164 foot photographs that are suspended in space.” when reading further into her explanation for her new way of displaying imagery we have a very similar thought process, “The idea for the exhibition came together rather quickly, in part because the phenomenon is very much there and present,” says Ms. Rudensky. “Artists are looking for new ways of dealing with traditional media.”

What am I doing with this new influence in my own work ?

I am going to experiment by printing my images on paper that is made from flowers to bring a new level to the images, also allowing the images to display a small amount of controlled colour and bringing the images into a more sculptural and interactive viewing experience.

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