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whilst looking into different processes for my project work, I came across a photographer called Anna Atkins who uses a process called cyanotype "a process of photographic printing, used chiefly in copying architectural and mechanical drawings, that produces a blue line on a white background." I was very intrigued by the images, how they like my own work, are working on the direct print of the choose objects. The definition of the images varied more than my own work, I feel this was due to the process not being developed with a controlled light source ( enlarger) and were developed using the sun.

I will look into this process further to see if there is a place for the blue colour in my own work. At this stage with the direction of my work flow, I feel adding a bright colour wouldn't work as there isn't any photographic or informative purpose for it.


Look at printing cyanotype and editing the colour in Photoshop ?

Anna Atkins Alge

This is an example of my work that was influenced by Anna Atkins.

I feel having the image created in this way adds to the romantic element of my work. But I do feel it makes the project become something different. By removing my control over the images print, contrast etc I don't feel I'm staying true to my brief and the project becomes far more interpretive than I would want. Also there is no need to the colour in my images, it distracts from the message I am portraying of a black and white dream state and because there aren't many elements to my images, but each element has reason, I don't see myself returning to this process. Even though this process didn't develop I do feel it has helped me look at process development in a different way, also has opened me to the exploration of texture within my images

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