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Printing on hand made flower paper

These images are a response to me looking into alternative processes by artists such as Floris Neusüss, Pierre Cordier and Susan Derges. I have been intrigued by the use of cyanotype but I could not find a use for the extreme colour in the images ( the blue). In this collection I have used paper that reflects the colour of the flowers in the images. Although the images are aesthetically pleasing, the use of so much colour in the images is something I don't want to explore further. There are a few reasons for this; the images get a distorted view of importance when using colour, the colour makes you view the images in a very aesthetic way drawing attention from the subject matter. Also one the main reason for not using this about of colour is me looking into dream theory and memory theory, looking at why people dream in colour or black and white "Neuroscientists say that dreaming in black and white is just a question of memory: we just remember the dream as black and white because the memory fades during the day." Dr.D Stevenson- 35 years of dreaming research paper. The creative aspect of my images is me looking at how the flowers and bees will be a distant memory if we don't do something to protect them, so with the above thinking there isn't a place for this amount of colour in my work.


Look at using a white piece of paper ( to retain the black and white imagery) but have a bright coloured flower mixture in the paper. showing the small amount of fondness you can remember of these objects but not being able to fully remember them. look more into the difference of dreaming in black and white and colour we know that in dreaming, many features either take on other roles and purposes, or are significant in that they relate to the dreaming experience itself. In the case of dreaming in black and white, we have to ask whether or not, for example, your dream exhibited an analogous quality (seeming monochrome) or whether this is a result of your waking memory interacting with your recollections and the experience. Hard to know.Nonetheless, we might imagine various significances. That, for example, if there was a need to amplify some aspect of relation, color might be inhibited in order to highlight, for example, identity (rather than costume).

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