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Garry Fabian Miller

Becoming Magma, New Year, January 2005

The work that has most interested me in this creative practitioner ( working in the medium of photography) is the he created for the V and A shadow catchers exhibition. In the project Gary fabian miller has used the leaves themselves to replace photographic transparencies, shining through them directly on to the paper to capture the image. The imprint left behind by this process creates work that look like scenes from space. Being able to create a false sense of scale, the objects used are very small, but used in conjunction with negative space we are led to believe his images are something of far grater stature. I am being influenced by this work, thinking around the idea of scale and how I can create a sense of the subjects need for grater meaning. I should look at the proportions of the flowers and bees more, making sure that they are not lost in the background. Once again like Dr. Daro Montag, Gary Miller has used colour in his images, I feel colour is needed in his work to lift the image and give the viewer an interest. We are both working with simple compositions but I feel mine allow the viewer to be interested by the subject matter, rather than just a colour. Our work is very different in this way, I am very concerned about my images meaning for production not being lost by the unnecessary use of colour, extra items in the images ect and if you didn't know the background history or how the his images are created you can only explore them aeusthethically not for its ability to inform and educate

An image created in response to this way for thinking.

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