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Is Photography Unique ?

I don’t believe any medium is truly unique. The idea that a creative medium can be only used in its context is something I explore and change with every piece I create. As a creative practitioner I am constantly ,drawing influence from; painting,film,books,newspaper,graphics. The list is endless. I do believe there are quality’s a photograph has that are different from other mediums and can be viewed in a unique way. Such as the photograph still having this “truth” stigma attached to it. We can push the boundaries of what is the truth. Creating elaborate scenes using models, props etc. and allowing the public to view the images, allows for their misguided opinion on the photographic image to lift your work to new horizons. Allowing it to been seen thousands of times before you give the image direction. For example this image of Tv personality Kendra Wilkinson was featured in the daily mail. The image was shared thousands of times and even got published in a paper as a cheat scandal. It wasn’t until an interview between the pair, in which Kendra was asked what actually happened, was the truth reviled. This is something I think photography can do over any other medium even text. This is because when viewing images we feel comfortable, we use our eyes to see everything, so if something is put in front of us visually we are less likely to see interpretive meaning.

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