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Informing Context

The study I relate to from this week is the study by Carol Squires. In her proposal she states “ There is a blurring of boundaries between old and new technology”. This resonates perfectly with my practice, I am constantly mixing old process ( dark room, Cameraless) and new ( digital manipulation or digital printing) to create pieces of art, not just a flat image. The way I explore each individual material available to me is something that defines me as a creative practitioner not a simple photographer. My work is based around interaction ( because of my subject matter) I want people to look at my creative images and explore them in there own way. I may direct them, by using certain elements in or to create an image, but the main focus of my work is to get people thinking. The pieces I create are inspired by environmental issues that I feel need a voice, but I play with the subjective nature of art. Rather than the misguided sense of objectiveness within photography.

A weakness I believe I have when looking at the studies this week, is the ability to penetrate new markets. Even though there is an almost ambiguous meaning to my images, I feel they would struggle reaching audiences that are only interested in one type of photography. I feel it should be my goal by the end of this module to create work, that is not only multi layered in the sense of the image. But also in the audiences I can target. This could be wildlife, fashion, illustrative, documentary the list goes on.

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