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Ghostly imprint

This week I have been looking at how I can give my images a more ghostly appearance. Looking at work from Man Ray, I was inspired to create batches of chemicals to his exact formulation ( within reason, taking into account product availability). The images I have created this week, have a ghostly grey impression rather than the dark black contrast that I have been working on this far. I am going to explore the images further post process in Photoshop to draw out smoke definition and contrast. The images are loosely based around the idea of post apocalyptic landscape as visually explored by Ludwig Meidner in his Apocalyptic Landscape series 1913. I was drawn to his work and how he uses extreme black lines and flowing cylindrical shapes, whilst being contrasting forms, seemingly working together to frame the eccentric nature of his work. The way the image is split in to definitive shapes and flowing structure has been described by Kandinsky as "dissonance," suggesting apocalyptic destructiveness.

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