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Playing with contrast and definition

This week I am taking my dark room practice further. I am exploring the effect of temperature and chemical mix, when used to develop my prints. I am wanting to find a mix of chemicals that give me the definition of a Susan derges photogram but the ghostly presence of a Man Ray image.Whilst being influenced by the images Man Ray had created, I found influence from his use of simple greys and blacks to create a multi layered image. I found myself being drawn to the images he created in the same style as my images ( photogram) but due to the apparent lack of layers of interest I found his images becoming very flat and a little uninspiring. But whilst researching him further I came across his work inspired by the popular cubist movement of that time, in which he was taking inspiration in prominent painters such as Marcel Duchamp. The work had very heavy levels of contrast with layers of tonal greys and interest, the images moved from being educational imprints and more artistic impressions of what he saw which can be backed up by his quote "... produce a photograph that would not look like a photograph". Taking this in to mind, from here I was given inspiration to create pieces of work that could blur the boundaries of what a photograph should look like and what it should portray. I want my images to almost have a painted effect, but still showing the definite representations of a photogram. I have been experimenting with the idea of the painted image and have created these images below in direct correspondence with my research. The images below show a good level of my understanding if the process ( photogram) but are allowing a more

and ambiguous feel to the viewer. The images still show the main elements that my project is based around, but my adding a small amount of pesticide to the solutions I have created a painterly background. whilst maintaining the detail of the flora fauna and bee species. Going forward I feel I need to explore further into the idea of the ambiguous image. Having the elements of my research is enough to allow contextual reasoning for creating the images, but allowing them to still be explore as pieces of art. Which is something I feel the images are now achieving .

Man R

My images inspired by Man Ray.

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