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Peer Commissioned Micro Project

The next few images are in result of the brief set by Josie Purcell. The brief "Seek out in an urban/suburban environment the colours yellow and black, which are the colours most people associate with bees, and produce an image/s without any actual bees seen, that can represent the potential extinction of the species." I have chosen to look at plant life within the suburban places around Worcestershire. I wanted to stay true to my fine art approach to photography but look at how I can be influenced by the environment around me, not the environment I create. I have looked at the structure of plant life and explored the idea of what an environment could look like without the pollination of bees. I have looked at describing the landscape through line and colour using a high exposure to capture a pure white sky ( also photographed in morning fog) and black branches to stay on brief. I have used the time of year ( autumn) to elaborate colour but also the season helped create an almost apocalyptic expression of environment. I have been heavily influenced by images of post apocalyptic fantasy art and writings such as "World War Z Max brooks" and "Stephen King The stand". I am intrigued by the direction of this project and it is defiantly something I want to take forward. when used in collaboration with my current working project, the two bodies of work although very different have a symbiotic relationship when viewed together.

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