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Week 7 Peer Commissioned Micro Project

Week 7 - Peer Commissioned Micro Project brief From the meaning of psychogeography, as defined by Guy Debord - “the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organised or not, on the emotions and behaviour of individuals” - and the influence of colour in the work of Boris Michailov as showcased in this week’s presentation, please respond to the brief below. Seek out in an urban/suburban environment the colours yellow and black, which are the colours most people associate with bees, and produce an image/s without any actual bees seen, that can represent the potential extinction of the species.

This is the project I have been given to explore for this week by Josie. I have given Josie the below brief to work on for this project. I have also included some links that I feel could help her through this brief.

My Footprint; (Psychogeography) For this brief you will need to take a shot of the sole of your shoes before and after each time you leave the house. This brief is exploring the footprint you will leave on this earth; wear the same pair of shoes every time you leave the house for a fixed period of 72 hours. Look for interesting things your shoes pick up on your journey, can you see any visible wear on the soles? you can take this project in any direction you choose, but work around the idea of your imprint on the earth and what the earth imprints on you. Have a series of three diptychs to show you findings. Think outside the box. Useful links

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