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Week 4 Presentation Feedback

This weeks task was to make a presentation of images from your proposed idea, that could briefly outline the direction you are planning to take for your practical module throughout the course. I shared my images from my current series of work based around the depleting numbers of bees around the world. I had only a small amount of feedback but it was very positive using words like "Dynamic yet delicate", " Very subtle, but so strong in visual response". My peers could see a strong connection between my contextual ideas and visual response. I also received some feedback from my Tutor that maybe I should " find a way to bring my research into the project". I feel this comment was fair to make as there is a lot of contextual referencing that goes on to make each of my images, but I am struggling with the idea of how to show my references within the images. I personally feel that my images at the end of production show enough visual information for the viewer to make an informed decision on the issue I am visually documenting. But I am going to work on the idea of "Visual theory" as at this moment of time I only have a very basic knowledge of what this is.

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