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Interdisciplinary practice

Interdisciplinary practice is something that I have always used in my work. I take a longtime thoroughly researching different written documents surrounding the issue or idea I am wanting photograph. I also look at video documentation, so I have a very solid understanding and context when visually representing the idea I documenting. I think an area I could expand on is exploring the idea of global imagery, I know in a previous blog I stated that I don't think a truly global image can exist. But maybe a image with supporting context really could have a globally unanimous opinion. There are so many things that effect everybody whether they realise it or not. Coming up with a visual way to show these global situations is pushing me to do some of the most contextualised and dynamic pieces or work I have ever created. Such as a project I am working on currently based around the idea of the use of pesticides that specifically target pollinating insects, mainly focussing on the bee as is is found in all corners of the globe, there could be a way for me to create a body of work that visually represents a global issue.

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