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It was an honour.

WOW, I can't believe the talent on my course. And the diversity of everyones practice. I am really humbled to of shared such an experience. The start of my presentation didn't get off to the best start ( Technical errors) which made me very flustered. I do feel that my piers got a understanding of my work and practice at the end of my presentation. There was some very interesting comments made about how our work can link throughout other artist mediums. One of the things I found most fascinating was everyones difference stance on the world global, we had comments made such as " I feel an image is global due to it having a changing impact throughout time", personally I felt that the idea of a global image was an image that could have an intrinsic meaning when used without context. Which is something I bought to question with my peers " Do you think an image can have a truly unnanamous meaning when used without the presence of contextualisation ?" which is something me and my peers discussed heavily. There were two images that really stood out for me. One was an image of a person sitting under a man made cyber tree playing on her phone. This image bought up many ideas for me which I shared for example " The image itself is about the use of light, capturing natural light and using in it a synthetic form, do you think this image could show an almost synthetic eco system?" my peer had a short response but did say " it could be something I could look into". Another image was an image of a family taken in a war torn country. The image was in black and white and resembled the qualities of a Susan Sontag image, the subjects eyes were filled with varying degrees of anxiety and fear. But the way the mother was cradleing her children bought an almost serenity and calmness to the image.

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