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For me, this is a hard topic to consider. As I feel for any image to have a truly global presence doesn't and couldn't exist. This is not me saying that images can't have an effect on a global scale, but the effect it has is totally subjective to background and circumstance, so the image itself never has a unanimous effect on a global scale. But in this thinking there are images that I feel could have a more ubiquitous meaning. I feel they would be images that effect everyone, how educated or developed a country is. This would be things that everybody goes through in life. I have taken a long time to question, what is everybody touched by and the two things I have decided to show are images showing life and death. Even though I fully understand these things have very different meanings to different people, I feel they are images that can rely on imagery itself without having an informed contextual background. I have chosen this image that we all know, named "The hand of hope" taken by Michael Clancy December 2nd 1991. The image depicts a small baby hand reaching through its mothers stomach, the image has an almost schrodingers effect to it, seemly showing the beauty of birth or the upset of loss in the same image as there is no way ( without contextual information) that you could know the outcome of the image, but it still invokes emotion through our nature nurture instinct.

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