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What do we mean by ‘the global image’ and how does it relate to your practice?

The area I have chosen to explore for this module is, Can an image have objective meaning without a contextual background?. I am going to explore the idea of the photographer "capturing moments of life in its purist form" and if this is really something we can achieve. An example I will share is, If me as a westerner with views and beliefs common with the masses saw a image of a live animal sacrifice my immediate response would be disgust, if I was photographing this could I ever be truly impartial ?. I don't think I could, that doesn't mean that my views are correct or that the people performing the sacrificial act are correct either, it means to completey be impartial I would have to have either a degree of ignorance or a degree of knowledge and I have neither. Which bring me to me next question do we as photographers ever capture meaning ?, or are we all just showing a defragment perception of our own reality.

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