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BEE the change you want to see;

A project I am really wanting to pursue through my MA is the unnecessary human interaction in our environment. If this is physically throwing rubbish in our oceans, or secondary like buying products without thinking about the adverse effect it could have. I want to open our eyes, together we will see a change and become the change we need. One story that has stuck in my head is this I have read this article a few times and I just can't see justification in the actions of people using pesticide on bees. One main argument is "we can stop cross contamination" of our mutant foods we cross contaminate though human interaction do they mean ?sat here eating my bright yellow banana contemplating what it would look like without human interaction, I can see a bee in my garden, doing the work we want to stop. (The natural pollination of plants). I'm sat here wondering what it will be like to look out my window and see no wildlife, no plant life, and be breathing my artificial air if the banana I'm eating was worth it.

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